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Recycled paperOur Marketing Staff has handled waste paper and plastics throughout the Country and Internationally and has the distinction of being trained in plant operations. This leaves them well versed in the various functions (collecting, grading, processing and transportation) necessary to sell waste paper and plastics to the customer. Our central location in St. Louis, Missouri makes our staff well positioned to serve customers throughout the Country in a timely and efficient manner. Imperial's people are the difference. It is easy to be beguiled by acres of desks, departments, and computers, but what counts, is the ability and motivation of the representative handling your account. With our many years in the business, we have developed a network of generators and customers throughout the world. This enables us to keep the flow of waste paper moving in both good times and bad. We take immense pains to select our customers. By careful selection of generators and customers, we better assure the continual movement of waste paper and plastics that we all seek to achieve. In addition to our regular marketing services, we offer consulting in the areas of baling, grading and sorting. Our sales of all grades of waste paper and plastics in volume put us in a good position with our customers. This enables us to better serve our generators who do not have the time, marketing staff or experience necessary, to sell their scrap in a market that constantly fluctuates, both in price and volume.

One of the guiding principles in our marketing program is our relationship with customers. It has always been our policy to work as closely as possible with customers for our mutual benefit and to honor our commitments in good times or bad, whether or not market conditions are in our favor. This policy has stood us in a good stead with a large number of long-time customers throughout our history and we will continue to emphasize it in the future. Our Marketing Program has enjoyed a continuity of management, that we believe, is perceived as an advantage by our customers, generators and employees as well.



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